We are inching our way towards the start of the new Liturgical Year! This coming Sunday is Christ the King, which means the following, December 3, is the First Sunday of Advent, the start of our new year.

I would imagine that most of the readers of this blog are subscribers to the Ignatius Pew Missal. And that means that just about all of you will have received your missals already, which is great! We had some logistical hiccups which meant that the missals were delivered a little bit later than anticipated, but still with much time to spare. They go into use on the First Sunday of Advent. I have received my own review copies, and it really is a gorgeous piece of work again this year.

I would like to point out the work of the editor, Brendon Ford. He, along with a few proofreaders — and of course the compositions of Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB — is largely responsible for the beauty that is the Ignatius Pew Missal. He has put in a lot of hard work already on the coming years’ missals, and I want to take the opportunity to publicly acknowledge him. I also want to ask for prayers for him, as this past August he entered the Dominicans as a novice in the Western Province. Br. Elias Guadalupe, OP, (as he is now known) remains the editor of the Pew Missal, and is continuing to devote as much time as he can to it.

I also want to address a question I have been getting a lot lately, regarding COVERS for the Pew Missal. Many customers deeply appreciate the beautiful front cover of the Pew Missal, and it is something that we take pride in each year. However, many also wish to put a plastic cover of some kind on the missals to help them last through the year.

We offer a clear, plastic cover that will help maintain the high quality of the Pew Missal, and still allow for the beautiful cover artwork to be visible. If you would like to order covers, you can contact me by email at paul@ignatius.com or paul@pewmissal.com, or by telephone at (971)678-9512. You can also contact customer service directly at (866)767-3155.

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