The Ignatius Pew Missal

The Ignatius Pew Missal is an annual subscription-based worship aid intended for Roman Catholic parishes. Its purpose is simple: to provide worshipers with a liturgical resource that is consistent with the directives of the Church and accessible to the average parishioner, especially in regards to music. This is done in two ways: by using simple plainsong melodies for the Entrance and Communion antiphons, so that a cantor, choir, and even a congregation can easily sing them, and by selecting hymns and songs which, combined, provide a repertoire of sacred songs that is fitting for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, yet accessible for the average parish.
New Features of 2017-2018 Edition
  • Addition of several new hymns (see PDF of complete Hymn List)
  • Addition of Latin Mass section (Novus Ordo)
  • New binder format for Ordinaries & Hymns book.
Scroll down to flip through a sample book and listen to audio recordings of music from the Ignatius Pew Missal

  1. Entrance (First Sunday of Advent)
  2. Responsorial Psalm (First Sunday of Advent)
  3. Alleluia (cantor) (First Sunday of Advent)
  4. Alleluia (SATB) (First Sunday of Advent)
  5. Communion (First Sunday of Advent)
  6. Kyrie- Missa Sancta Maria Magdalena
  7. Gloria- Sancta Maria Magdalena
  8. Credo- Sancta Maria Magdalena
  9. Glory of the angels